The Once-&-Marvellous DKD | Fractured Thoughts Vol 1

The Once-&-Marvellous DKD | Fractured Thoughts Vol 1

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2 Nov, Sat 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


The Arts House, Gallery II
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Free Event


This session is in English


Featuring: Boon Lai (Mentalworks) | Ray Toh

In 1969, a band of Singaporean youths arrived in South Vietnam to bring live music and a sense of normalcy to the American soldiers as the Vietnam War escalated. Inspired by true events, The Once-&-Marvellous DKD by Boon Lai retraces foolhardy escapades across the warzones and pieces together a coming-of-age journey through a crazed jungle world of bullets, bombs, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Through a companion animated docu-fiction short film Don’t Know Die!, the creators will share discoveries made while researching for the series as well as a Spotify compilation of selected Songs of the Vietnam War.

Fractured Thoughts Vol 1 is a collection of short comics by Ray Toh including "Detective D", "Gentleman of the Forest", "A.S.T.", "The Fellowship of the Golden Cockroach" and "风火雷电". Ray Toh will share his process and the inspiration behind the creation of the comic collection.