Vivid War Tales: Illustrated Books & Comics on WWII

Conversations  |  General, Country Focus  |  Sequential arts  |  English  |  1.5 hr

5 Nov Sat, 4.30pm - 6.00pm
Festival Pass  - $30
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Why re-tell tales of sorrow and suffering, and battles and chivalry? And why capture these memories through visual stories? Hear from 4 writers from Singapore and France as they explore why re-telling the past remains an important storytelling force in the present. Julia Billet, author of Catherine's War (2012), Leroy Lam and Ryan Mennen, authors of Hero (2022), and Sim Ee Waun, author of We Shall Remember: The Story of Singapore at War (2022) share their experiences writing comic and illustrated books set in WWII France and Singapore, considering why the medium of visual storytelling compels them to pass memories on.

This programme is made possible with the support of the Embassy of France.


Phan Ming Yen is author of That Night By the Beach and Other Stories for a Film Score, one of the four writers in The Adopted and Lost Bodies and a contributing writer in the online anthologies Atelier of Healing and A Given Grace. Phan has also written on music during World War 2 in Singapore for Cultural Connections.