Festival Opening Debate: This House Believes AI is the Better Writer

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17 Nov, Fri, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
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It's a clash between the machines and the muses, a toss-up between the motherboard and a pen. Eight festival speakers go head-to-head on the battle of heart vs. algorithm as artificial intelligence squares off against real-life authors. Can neural networks truly conquer the human imagination? And because we're human and like to complicate things, true to the spirit of Plot Twist, the proposition's closing speaker is ChatGPT.

The Festival Opening Debate commences with Festival Opening Addresses.




Shamini Flint has written many books for adults and children including the Inspector Singh crime novels, soon to be a TV show. The sports' diaries featuring the hapless Marcus and his pushy dad and the ubiquitous Sasha picture books for travelling toddlers.

She has two children, two dogs and loves football.