Stories from Storyboards: Lives of SEA Cartoonists & Comic Artists

Conversations  |  SEA Focus  |  Sequential arts  |  English  |  1 hr

25 Nov, Sat, 6.30pm to 7.30pm
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Call them humorists, social commentators, or simply witty artists. What does it take to be a cartoonist or comic artist in Southeast Asia, through history, and today? Hear from these speakers about the many twists and turns in the lives of these artists from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the social taboos they broke through with their art, and the inspiration they spark in contemporary artists and readers within and beyond the region.

This programme is supported by ComXNaut Studios and Sing Lit Station.


Viency Lee is an editor at Asiapac Books, an independent Singaporean publisher of comics and books on culture and heritage. She is also the host of COMIX.SG's Red Dot Comics Den, Singapore's first-ever podcast on local comics and comic creators. She focuses on applying her multidisciplinary education in literary studies, digital animation, and creative writing towards writing and editing comics, fiction, and non-fiction.