Ingenious Indigenous Perspectives: Relying on Cultural Wisdom

Conversations  |  General  |  Non-fiction  |  English  |  1 hr

26 Nov, Sun, 10.00am to 11.00am
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What opens up for our narratives and lives when we challenge conventional ways of meaning making?  We invite speakers from Singapore's unique local minority communities, such as the Chetti Melakas and Boyanese to share the challenges they have faced when they attempt to be guided by  their specific cultural traditions over conventional epistemologies and how these wisdoms have in fact shaped them as writers and allowed them a far more expanded and enriched world view.


Zarina Muhammad is an artist, educator and researcher whose practice is deeply entwined with a critical re-examination of oral histories, ethnographic literature and other historiographic accounts about Southeast Asia. Working at the intersections of performance, installation, text, sound, moving image and participatory practice, she is interested in the broader contexts of ecocultural identities and interactions, indigenous ontologies and the cultural translations within myth-making.