Malam Sastera IV

SWF Stage



5 Nov, Sun 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium
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Sesi ini dalam Bahasa Melayu
This session is in Malay


Ini peluang keemasan untuk menyaksikan legenda hiburan Melayu – penulis lirik Encik Yusnor Ef dan penyanyi Sanisah Huri – beraksi bersama di Malam Sastera IV, sebuah acara sastera yang meraikan keindahan kesusasteraan Melayu. Dianjurkan bersama Berita Harian, acara ini sebuah penghormatan bagi Haji Yusnor, dianggap sebagai pengasas lagu Melayu di Asia Tenggara, serta Sanisah, pemilik suara merdu dan lunak yang diminati ramai.

Literary Night IV: The Icons of Music​

It’s a rare opportunity to catch the legends of Malay entertainment – lyricist Encik Yusnor Ef and singer Sanisah Huri – in action in Malam Sastera IV, a literary event that celebrates the beauty of Malay literature. Co-presented with Berita Harian, the event honours Haji Yusnor, considered the grandfather of Malay songs in South-east Asia, as well as Sanisah, whose sultry and melodious voice has earned her a huge following.

This session is in Malay and is co-presented with Berita Harian.


Yusnor Ef


Yusnor Ef, real name Mohd Noor bin Mohd Yusofe, has been writing lyrics since 1959 for composers including Zubir Said, P Ramlee, Johari Salleh, Dick Lee and Jeremy Monteiro. He has served as chairman of the Malay Music Development Committee, was a founding member and director of the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (Compass), and was founding president of the Association of Malay Music Professionals (Perkamus). He has also produced musical projects for RTM, Astro Prima and MediaCorp.

Sanisah Huri


Sanisah Huri is a veteran singer, known as the Golden Girl of Singapore during the 1960s and 1970s. She began her music career when she recorded a soundtrack with EMI for the film A-Go-Go ‘67, released by Shaw Brothers’ Malay Film Production Limited. In her heyday, she appeared on radio and television programmes in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. As a solo artist, many of her songs and lyrics were composed and produced by Yusnor Ef and the late Kassim Masdor.