Epic International Reading Night II: Inside Looking Out



10 Nov, Sat 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


The Arts House (TAH), Gallery ll
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This session is in English


Petrina Kow


In the first weekend, eight speakers from around the world share their perspectives on being outside looking in. For this second weekend, another eight writers take on the standpoint of observing an outside world from within borders. 

This session is made possible with the assistance of the High Commission of Canada, the Embassy of Colombia and the Embassy of Sweden. 


原名竹雄伟,浙江上虞人, 1988年毕业于重庆建筑工程学院城建系。现供职于宁波《文学港》杂志社,宁波市作协副主席,市政协常委,浙江省作协副主席。著有长篇小说《越野赛跑》、《爱人同志》,中短篇小说集《乡村电影》、《水中花》等。首届浙江省文学之星,浙江省当代作家五十杰。作品多次获浙江省优秀文学作品奖,《爱人同志》获《当代》文学拉力赛分站冠军。曾获得《当代》文学奖,《人民文学》长篇小说双年奖,春申原创文学年度最佳小说奖,作品多次荣登中国小说学会年度小说排行榜。 

Born in Shangyu, Zhejiang, Ai Wei currently works for Literature Port Magazine, and serves as the vice president of the writers’ associations of Ningbo and Zhejiang. His publications include novels like Yue Ye Sai Pao (越野賽跑) and Ai Ren Tong Zhi (愛人同志), and novelettes like Xiang Cun Dian Ying (鄉村電影) and Shui Zhong Hua (水中花). He is the winner of the Dangdai Literature Prize, the People’s Literature Best Novel biannual award and the Chunshen Original Literature “Best Novel of the Year” award. 

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Ivan Coyote is the author of 11 books, and the creator of four short films, six full-length live shows, and three albums that combine storytelling with music. They are a seasoned stage performer and, over the last two decades, has become an audience favourite at literary, film and music festivals. Their latest book, Tomboy Survival Guide, was shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction and long-listed for Canada Reads 2018. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Race

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John Yau is a poet and critic whose latest publications include a book of poems, Bijoux in the Dark (2018); a selection of essays, The Wild Children of William Blake (2017); and the monographs, Thomas Nozkowski (2017) and Philip Taaffe (2018). His reviews appear on the online magazine, Hyperallergic Weekend. He lives in New York. 

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Jonas Hassen Khemiri is the author of five novels, six plays and a collection of plays, essays and short stories. His work has been translated into more than 25 languages. He received an Obie Award for his first play ‘Invasion!’ In 2015, he was awarded the August Prize, Sweden’s highest literary honour, for his novel, Everything I Don’t Remember

Photo Credit: Martin Stenmark

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Born in Colombia in 1965, Santiago Gamboa wrote The Art of Losing (1997), which was adapted into a film by director Sergio Cabrera. He is also the author of travel books, October in Beijing (2001) and Oceans of Sand (2014). His other novels include Necropolis (2009), winner of the Otra Orilla Literary Prize, and Return to the Dark Valley (2017). His books are currently translated into 17 languages.

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Sharlene Teo

Singapore - UK

Sharlene Teo has an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia, where she received the Booker Prize Foundation Scholarship and David T.K. Wong Creative Writing Fellowship. She is a 2014 Sozopol Fiction Fellow and a 2017 University of Iowa Honorary Writing Fellow. Recently shortlisted for the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize, she is the winner of the inaugural Deborah Rogers Writer’s Award for her first novel, Ponti.  

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Zurinah Hassan merupakan penulis wanita pertama Malaysia yang dinobat Sasterawan Negara. Beliau menerima Anugerah Penulisan SEA pada  2004 dan Anugerah Sunthorn Phu (Hadiah Sastera Asean) pada 2013. Zurinah mula menulis sejak zaman remaja dan telah menghasilkan beberapa koleksi puisi, cerita pendek, memoir dan novel. Karya-karya beliau terutama  puisi telah diterjemahkan ke dalam beberapa bahasa, termasuk bahasa Inggeris, Sepanyol, Russia, Jepun dan Perancis. Beliau lulusan Universiti Sains Malaysia, memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Universiti Putra Malaysia dan Ijazah Doktor dalam Sastera dari Universiti Malaya.

Zurinah Hassan is the first Malaysian female writer to be conferred the title of Sasterawan Negara or National Literary Laureate. She received the S.E.A. Write Award in 2004 and Sunthorn Phu Award in 2013. Zurinah has produced several collections of poems, short stories, memoirs and a novel. Her work, especially poetry, has been translated into several languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and French. 

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Scents and Sensibility: Bringing a City to Life

10 Nov, Sat 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

The "I"s in Identities

10 Nov, Sat 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
The Arts House (TAH), Play Den

Kata-kata Kita: Suatu Pengulangan?

11 Nov, Sun 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The Arts House (TAH), Screening Room