Epic International Reading Night II



11 Nov, Sat 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Tent@Empress, In front of Victoria Theatre
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This session is in English


Bridgette See


Last weekend, eight writers rhapsodised on the theme of light and its various associations. This time, come over to the dark side with eight other writers, who will gamely interpret the concept of darkness and read works inspired by the absence of light.

​This session is made possible with the assistance of Cultural Ireland and the U.S. Embassy Singapore.


John Mateer

South Africa - Australia

John Mateer is a poet, curator and writer. Among his many books of poems are Emptiness: Asian Poems 1998-2012; Unbelievers, or the Moor; and Southern Barbarians. He has also published two prose books, the latest of which is The Quiet Slave: A History in Eight Episodes, which describes the origins of the Malays of the Cocos-Keeling Islands. As a curator he is interested in uncovering the connections that link Australia and the countries of South-east Asia and the Indian Ocean.

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MD Sharif

Bangladesh - Singapore

MD Sharif Uddin was born in Mymensingh division, Bangladesh, and works as a construction supervisor in Singapore. His stories and poems have appeared in publications in Singapore and Bangladesh, including Migrant Tales, Probash Bangla and Kabber Paloke Bashantha. His poem ‘A Worker’s Journey’ made the shortlist of the 2014 Migrant Worker Poetry Competition, while ‘Little India Riot: Velu and a History’ was commissioned for Written Country: The History of Singapore Through Literature. Stranger to Myself is his first book.

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Li-Young Lee


Li-Young Lee is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Behind My Eyes (2008). His earlier collections are Book of My Nights; Rose, winner of the Delmore Schwartz Memorial Award; and The City in Which I Love You, the 1990 Lamont Poetry Selection. He has also published the memoir The Winged Seed: A Remembrance (1995), which received an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, as well as the chapbook The Word From His Song (2016). 

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Jen Crawford

New Zealand/Singapore

Jen Crawford is the author of eight poetry books and chapbooks, including Koel (2016) and Lichen Loves Stone (2015). She is a member of the advisory board for Poetry New Zealand, and is a contributing editor to Axon and the Journal of Poetics Research. An assistant professor of writing at the University of Canberra, she has also lived and taught in New Zealand and in Singapore, where she was the founding coordinator of Nanyang Technological University’s creative writing p rogramme. 

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Born in Belfast, Gerald Dawe was a professor of English and a fellow of Trinity College Dublin until his retirement in 2017. He has published eight poetry collections and several volumes of essays. Richard Ford, the American novelist, has written: ‘Serious, often grave, but inculcated with such sympathy and passion and affection that any obscurity is the enemy. It’s as if what Gerald Dawe has to tell us is so vital that clarity – such a virtue – is a moral matter.’ 

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Michael Kelleher is the director of Yale’s Windham-Campbell Literature Prizes and the author of four collections of poems, the most recent of which is Visible Instruments (CHAX Press, 2017).

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Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is founding co-editor of Cha and an editor of the academic journal Hong Kong Studies. She has also edited or co-edited several volumes of poetry and fiction published in Hong Kong. Her first poetry collection is Hula Hooping (2015), and she is the recipient of the 2015 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Young Artist Award in Literary Arts. She is a vice-president of PEN Hong Kong and an assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Krishna Udayasankar is the author of The Aryavarta Chronicles (Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra), a critically acclaimed bestselling series recently optioned by a leading production house in one of the biggest book-to-movie deals in Bollywood to date. She is also the author of Immortal, a fantasy-adventure novel; 3, a novel based on the founding myth of Singapore; and Objects of Affection, a collection of prose poems. Krishna is co-editor of Body Boundaries: The Etiquette Anthology of Women’s Writing

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The Sci-Fi Mixtape: Creating an Asian-inspired World

11 Nov, Sat 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The Arts House, Chamber

Literary Prizes: The Role of a Judge

11 Nov, Sat 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The Arts House, Living Room

[SOLD OUT] Creating the Poetic Mind

12 Nov, Sun 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Timbre Music Academy, Hall