A Spotlight on Migrant Voices

A Spotlight on Migrant Voices



3 Nov, Sun 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


The Arts House, Play Den
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Free Event


This session is in English


Shivaji Das


Come experience, folk songs and dance, acapella, and an afternoon of lyrical joy as we celebrate the creative energies of migrant worker-artists in Singapore through poetry and music. 




The group MSB 'Membangun Semangat Berkarya/Berkreasi' (Build a spirit of working creative), a group of Indonesian Domestic Helpers, has been active since 2012. MSB Activities include singing, dancing, writing, and handycraft making. For dancing, the group practices together every Sunday. The group learns basic vocals together and go to practice in community clubs.

MSB Motto: Berkarya tanpa batas dalam keterbatasan (Work indefinitely within limitation)

Our Voices


The Choir Group, name “Our Voices” IFN Singapore was established on 1 April 2015. Despite its young age, it has already given many performances, including the National Day Celebrations at Esplanade Theater and Purple Parade, a festival for people with special needs. “Our Voices” was formed as part of a greater effort to channel the positive activities and singing talents of domestic workers, as well as to build fellowship and friendship.

Sugi has been working in Singapore for 19 years. Besides doing photography for the past 3 years, she also enjoys going for hikes, and joins the local community of hikers to explore nature. To her, writing is like draining her brain from thoughts and words.

She was the first prize winner at Migrant Worker Poetry competition 2018.

Rengarajan was born in Pudukkotti, Tamil Nadu, India. He came to Singapore in 2014 and works in the construction sector. Rengarajan’s poems are often satirical and make fun of politicians and social ills. He has won awards in several poetry competitions in India. His favourite poet is the Tamil poet and lyricist Vairamuthu.

Ripon Chowdhury

Bangladesh - Singapore

Ripon’s place of birth is the beautiful Chittagong. He has been working in Singapore since 2010 at Shipyard as a QC. He is an online activist and blogger. He also loves to write and that is why he writes more about contemporary issues, social, political and religious mischief. During his stay in Bangladesh, he used to write short stories, rhymes, poems. Many of these were published in little magazines and various newspapers. He writes mainly for conscience. He also has some small hobbies, reading books is one of them! And he also likes to chit-chat with friends. He was the 2nd prize winner at Migrant Worker Poetry competition 2018.

Ripon believes that one day this world will be for humans.