A Spotlight on Emerging Writers

A Spotlight on Emerging Writers



9 Nov, Sat 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


The Arts House, Gallery II
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This session is in English


In this special reading, we give the limelight to emerging authors who have added more energy to Singapore's already bustling literary scene. Hear their stories as they share the inspiration behind their work. 




Ziks is interested in finding stories in the mundane and everyday, relishing in details and appreciating how the present alludes to a past yet to be known. Ziks also enjoys documenting through photos, videos, and drawing. For Ziks, writing, and expression in general, is a way of exploring and discovering the universe within and outside of us.

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Qamar Firdaus Saini is a public servant. His poems can be found in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Moving Words (Ethos Books), ASINGBOL (Squircle Line Press), This is Not A Safety Barrier (Ethos Books), and various editions of SingPoWriMo (Math Paper Press), among others. His works have also been commissioned by National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum.

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Yeoh Jo-Ann

Malaysia - Singapore

Yeoh Jo-Ann doesn't eat vegetables, drinks far too much coffee, and exercises far too infrequently. Growing up, she dreamt of becoming a cat, or a rock star. Instead, she worked in publishing for eight years, ended up being features editor at a magazine at some point, then gave that up for a career in digital marketing. Her fiction has been anthologised in We R Family, In Transit, and Best New Singaporean Short Stories. Her first novel, Impractical Uses of Cake, won the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. Jo-Ann still dreams of becoming a cat.

Photo credit: Joanne Goh

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Anittha Thanabalan is a freelance writer. The Lights That Find Us is her first novel.

Photo credit: Joanne Goh

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SJ Huang


SJ Huang is the author of The New Singapore Horror Collection, a book of contemporary horror tales centred on the fears and anxieties of the Singaporean psyche. A law graduate from the National University of Singapore, he worked as legal counsel for several years before leaving the field altogether. Since then, he has been working on various interests, including fiction writing. Whodunnits and psychological thrillers are his guilty pleasures, and his one regret is having devoured all of Agatha Christie’s books far too quickly.

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