Translation Circle: Live!

Translation Circle: Live!



2 Nov, Sat 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


The Arts House, Blue Room
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This session is in English


Shelly Bryant


Translation Circle: Live! is back to put our festival translators to the test. Four translators who work in different languages and genres take on the same piece of text live and demonstrate the gamut of challenges that they face when crossing language and socio-cultural barriers.

This session is co-presented with Tender Leaves Translation and Singapore Book Council.


Eric Tinsay Valles

Philippines - Singapore

Eric Tinsay Valles has published the poetry collections A World in Transit and After the Fall: Dirges Among Ruins as well as co-edited Get Lucky: An Anthology of Singapore and Philippine Writings, Sg Poems 2015-2016, Anima Methodi, and The Nature of Poetry. He has won a Goh Sin Tub Creative Writing prize. He has been invited to read poetry or commentaries at Baylor, Melbourne, and Oxford Universities as well as the Kistrech Poetry Festival. He is a director of Poetry Festival (Singapore).

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周德成,新加坡诗人,曾获2014年新加坡文学奖、2009年新加坡金笔奖(中文诗歌)。主要以中文进行诗歌和小说创作,也为各种文学和艺术相关的项目担任翻译工作。著有诗集《你和我的故事》(2012 年)、双语口袋诗选 《言土寸》,并参与系列选集的编译工作。现为剑桥大学在读博士生,其诗作可见于网站:

Singapore-born Chow Teck Seng has won awards including the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize and the 2009 Singapore Golden Point Award (Chinese Poetry). Besides writing poems and fiction mainly in Chinese, he is also engaged in various literary and art-related translation projects. His works include a poetry collection The Story of You and Me (2012), a bilingual poetry chapbook (2017), and several anthologies which he edited or translated. Currently pursuing his PHD at Cambridge University, his poems can be found at:

Hing Jia Wen


Jia Wen has been translating freelance since 2009 in English, Malay, and Chinese. She is completing her doctorate degree in linguistics from the National University of Singapore. She enjoys studying and working with local Chinese dialects, and speaks a couple herself.

Sithuraj Ponraj has published two novels, a short-story collection and two poetry collections in Tamil. His first Tamil short-story collection Maariligal and poetry collection Kaatraai Kadanthaai won the Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) for Tamil fiction and the SLP’s merit prize for Tamil poetry in 2016. His second Tamil short-story collection, Ramon Becomes an Angel, will appear in end-2018, alongside his non-fiction work, Women’s Body in Tamil Literature.

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