The Uncanny

Panel Discussions


10 Nov, Sat 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


The Arts House (TAH), Blue Room
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This session is in English


Jason Erik Lundberg


Beyond the time-tested appeal of traditional horror (think H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King) lies the purgatorial hybrid genre. It sends chills down one’s spine without turning to obvious shock or outright gore. Three authors discuss the type of fiction – psychological, atmospheric or subverting literary tropes – which preys on the over-imaginative mind, haunting and unsettling the reader.


Yujoo Han

South Korea

The Impossible Fairytale, translated into English and French from Korean, is Han Yujoo’s debut novel. It is her fourth work after three previously published collections of short stories: To the Moon, Book of Ice and My Left Hand the King, My Right Hand the King’s Scribe.

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Intan Paramaditha

Indonesia - Australia

Intan Paramaditha adalah seorang penulis Indonesia dan pensyarah dalam bidang media dan pengajian filem di Universiti Macquarie, Sydney. Novelnya, Gentayangan (The Wandering), dipilih sebagai Sastera Fiksyen Terbaik majalah Tempo pada tahun 2017. Koleksi cerita pendeknya, Apple and Knife, yang diterjemahkan oleh Stephen J. Epstein, diterbitkan tahun ini di Australia (Brow Books) dan UK (Harvill Secker).

Intan Paramaditha is an Indonesian author and a lecturer in media and film studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. Her novel Gentayangan (The Wandering) was selected as Tempo magazine’s Best Literary Fiction in 2017. Her short-story collection, Apple and Knife, translated by Stephen J. Epstein, was published this year in Australia (Brow Books) and the UK (Harvill Secker).

Photo Credit: Eva Tobing

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Jon Gresham

Singapore - Australia

Jon Gresham is a writer and photographer based in Singapore. His short-story collection, We Rose Up Slowly, was published in 2015. A director of Sing Lit Station, a literary community and charity in Singapore, he leads the Writing the City creative writing workshops and the Book A Writer programme that places writers in Singapore schools.

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