The Podcast Phenomena

The Podcast Phenomena



2 Nov, Sat 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM


The Arts House, Blue Room
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This session is in English


Danny Koordi


What does it take to write and produce a popular podcast? How do you put a series together and what are some of the challenges you might face? Three successful podcasters discuss the creative process of making a podcast and examine the changes happening within the medium.


Dzar Ismail


Dzar Ismail is the co-founder and Creative Director of OKLETSGO Pte Ltd. OKLETSGO is currently the number one podcast on Spotify. Dzar Ismail was an educator and a national radio broadcaster for six years helming Rembat Pendapat and the chart show on Ria 897 FM.

Chris McMorran is a cultural geographer of contemporary Japan and Associate Professor in the Department of Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore. He teaches and writes about home, tourism, disaster, and gender. Since 2018, he has co-produced (with NUS students) Home on the Dot, the podcast that explores the meaning of home on the little red dot called Singapore. Chris grew up in a small town in Iowa, but he’s been living outside the United States for much of his adult life, mostly in Japan and Singapore, which he now calls home.

Kenn Delbridge is an award-winning sound designer & mixer with over two decades experience, his portfolio includes advertising, broadcast trailers, documentaries, and motion pictures. Kenn has worked with international broadcasters including MTV, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Bloomberg, NBC Universal and many others. His motion picture credits include sound design for two films for legendary HK film director Ringo Lam and produces several popular local podcasts.