Symphony Within the Pages

Symphony Within the Pages



8 Nov, Fri 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


The Arts House, Blue Room
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Indran Paramasivam


We've all heard about writers being inspired by music but what about musicians who have been inspired by books? We ask some of our favourite musicians what are some of the books that have influenced their lyrics and how important stories are to their songs.


Annette Lee (李安) is a Singaporean filmmaker, actor, and singer-songwriter. She is best known as a comedian on local media page SGAG, where she is well recognised among netizens and watched by more than 1 million people monthly.

Photo credit: Nadia Ongkowidjaja

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Abby Simone


Sherry Abigail who is known by her stage name, Abby Simone, has been writing out her emotions since she was 15. What started out as poems later turned to songs. She writes about love, breakups the make-ups and how she's struggled to get to where she is right now. Some people find it easy to share their stories online, but Abby turns her stories to songs and hopes that at least someone relates and realize that they aren't the only ones feeling the way they do.

Her stylistic approach has been one of the reasons why people are drawn to her stories because she never settles to please the society instead stands out and reminds herself that staying true to herself is one of her few satisfaction in this musical journey. In her words, "As long as I have my hands and voice, I'll never stop writing and singing". She has taken on the Waterfront stage at the Esplanade, Green is the new black Asia in Hong Kong, Shinefest 2018 F1 Grand Prix Singapore 2018 and the most recent PinkDot 2019.

Her most recent work includes her first ever soundtrack for a local TV drama⁠—Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal where she paired up with her guitarist, Vishaal and wrote a heart wrenching tune "Pogathey" that captured the hearts of people from various races.

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Ken Loh


Singaporean singer-songwriter Ken Loh never intended to pursue a career in music until he chanced upon street performing/busking. This journey began in 2015 along the streets of Orchard Road, Singapore. This unassuming platform brought about many opportunities that led to his debut 6-track EP, songs about them. This EP was recorded and produced by Edric Hwang of GRYD Studios in 2017. Since then, Ken has taken time off to pursue a music degree in Sydney. His latest 2019 single, 'What Can I Do', reflects a newfound direction, maturity and sound.

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