Memetics 101 - The Study of Memes

Memetics 101 - The Study of Memes



3 Nov, Sun 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


The Arts House, Living Room
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This session is in English


Yeo Tze Hern (YEOLO)


Gen Zs use memes all day everyday across various social media platforms. What makes a great meme? Why do they go viral? Three speakers discuss some of their favourite memes and examine the development of these visual expressions that make a key part of the language of a new generation.

This session is conceptualised by SWF Youth Curators and co-presented with Singapore Book Council.


Melvin Tan


Melvin is the design lead of Currency, a Singapore-based design studio that offers creative direction and content. The studio's work spans both institutional and independent engagements within arts and cultural contexts, with a keen focus on the visual presentation of thematic and artistic projects across spatial, print and digital formats. Outside of that, he has spends a lot of time talking about his love for spicy food.



Yeo Tze Hern, known professionally in the meme world as YEOLO, is a Singaporean content creator. He is most noted for his parodies, memes and listing things in threes. Tze Hern got his start making vlogs and gained notoriety for his video on 'Singlish IKEA Puns' in 2016. He has since gone on to produce comedy skits such as his 'Crazy Real Asians of Singapore' parody, which went viral in 2018. When not busy at his day job in advertising, Tze Hern contemplates why potato chip bags are 80% air. He is currently still in search of answers.

Annette Lee (李安) is a Singaporean filmmaker, actor, and singer-songwriter. She is best known as a comedian on local media page SGAG, where she is well recognised among netizens and watched by more than 1 million people monthly.

Photo credit: Nadia Ongkowidjaja

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