Bhaskar’s Arts Academy

Bhaskar’s Arts Academy


Bhakshar’s Dancers

Under the guidance of Santha Bhaskar and Meenakshy Bhaskar, Bhaskar’s Dancers perform works that push the boundaries and blur the lines between the different performing arts elements. Each dancer has more than 10 years of training under her belt, and is capable of commanding the stage in a solo performance. The dancers effortlessly rise to the challenges of new choreography, thrilling audiences with their disciplined executions and flawless delivery.


Bhaskar’s Kathakali Troupe

Formed in 2002 by the late KP Bhaskar with principal dancers Kalamandalam Biju and Kalarangam Santhosh, Bhaskar’s Kathakali Troupe is now the only group of its kind outside of India. With a vision to create innovative, cross-cultural productions to appeal to new audiences in a cosmopolitan age, the troupe performs traditional pieces alongside explorative works such Cherita Singapura (2003), Lady Spiders (2006) and King Lear (2009). The troupe includes vocalist TV Sajith and percussionists TK Arun and S Harikrishnan.


Bhaskar’s Orchestra

Founded in the 1990s, Bhaskar’s Orchestra is led by music director Ghanavenothan Retnam. It is comprised of individual musicians of high calibre who perform together with a cohesive finesse. The instinctive understanding within the group is demonstrated by the impromptu performances it sometimes stages. The orchestra’s performance at the Festival will feature vocalist Ampili Pillai, flautist Ghanavenothan Retnam, violinist TV Sajith, and percussionist S Harikrishnan. 

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9 Nov, Thu 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The Arts House, Play Den