When is SWF 2019

1- 10November

Where's the Festival?

The Arts House at 1 Old Parliament Lane is where the bulk of the Festival events are held. The rest are usually scattered around the Civic District (but within walking distance!)

How do I get there?

The nearest MRT station to the Arts House is City Hall. Bus services that’ll take you really close to the Arts House include 196, 961, 75, 100, 107, 130, 131 and 167.

When did SWF start?

Kicking off as a biennial festival back in 1986, the now yearly festival was rumoured to be started in a dark board room filled with avid readers. It now continues running on hundreds of mugs of coffee and love for the literary scene.

Are the events priced?

With a wide range of events hosted here, the price range can go from $5 to $60 for our ticketed events. Some events will be free entry on a first-come-first-serve basis, of course.

When will the programmes be announced?

We usually announce our programmes by the 2nd week of September to give the public time to plan out their visits to the Festival.

Who can I expect to see at the Festival?

Other than yourself? Well, we get all sorts at SWF, so you would be hard pressed to find something in common with other festival-goers. One thing’s for sure is that since you’re at SWF, and others will be at SWF, you must share a love for the literary scene as much as the next festival-goer. It goes without saying that you’ll also meet the authors and speakers present at SWF.

Is it good for families?

Yes! SWF For Families (SWF3) is a special track dedicated solely to catering events for the little ones and their parents. We have workshops, storytelling, and other events that can help introduce the kids (and maybe even their parents) to the world of literature.

I can’t make it for the Festival this year…

Shoot, sorry we missed you! Luckily, the SWF isn’t a biennial event anymore so there’ll always be next year.

Can I be a part of SWF?

You can write in to us but if you are writing to recommend books and writers, please note that due to the large volume of recommendations and submissions, the SWF is unable to respond to every one of them. If you wish to send reading copies, please send them to [National Arts Council, 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre Blk A #01-01, Singapore 439053; attention to: SWF Programming]. Please note that SWF is unable to return reading materials sent to us. Invitations will be issued at the discretion of the SWF.

Is it possible to volunteer for SWF?

Yes, you can! We’re always in need of volunteers; without them, the Festival would not be where it is every year. If you’re interested in volunteering and are looking for more information, you can visit the Get Involved page on our website.

How does the SWF team decide on which writers to bring in?

We first take a look at our theme of the year, then look up people who have produced works that ties in with the theme before inviting them to join us (it can be anyone from filmmakers to journalists; it doesn’t have to be just writers).