Youth Curators 2020

Althea Isis


Althea Isis Giron is an Arts Management student from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. As an aspiring curator, she incorporates her passion for psychology and the arts into her work to provoke thought about the human condition.


Chua Xin Yi Kristy


Kristy is a student from Unity Secondary School who has had a passion for the English Language for as long as she can remember. She hopes to spread her love for the art of writing, stories, and expression with fellow Singaporean youths. She believes that the SWF Youth Fringe is the perfect opportunity to foster this little by little.


Genevieve Chai Jing Xuan

Genevieve is currently a graduating student from Unity Secondary. A wish of hers is to create ideas for everyone to learn more about writing and literature—not as a subject but as a "truth"—and consequently appreciate new perspectives about society and ourselves.


Joyce Jin Zhijun


Joyce is a student from St. Joseph’s Institution, a true lover of literature, and a writer who is always exploring. She incorporates her passion for both the traditional and the contemporary in the programmes she curates.


Layla O'Connor

Layla Grace O’Connor is a student from CHIJ Katong Convent with a passion for programme management who is a supporter of the local arts scene. As an aspiring creative, she hopes to bring to the Singapore Writers Festival topics that excite her and the youths of today.


Lin Jiawen


Jiawen is a student from River Valley High School who enjoys creating and appreciating art of all forms. Inspired by past events that have influenced her as a budding writer, she hopes to give back to the local arts scene so that others can benefit from similar programmes as well.


Janabelle Lin XiuWen


XiuWen is a student from ITE east. An aspiring creator, she is passionate about telling stories through writing, videography, and photography.