SWF Programmes for Pre-Schools

Singapore Writers Festival and National Gallery Singapore present SWF Programmes for Preschool with a series of exciting and interactive workshops for pre-schoolers. Spark an early interest in the arts and nurture creativity in your pre-schoolers as children’s authors and illustrators bring tales to life through books and live drawing sessions. The whole learning experience will take a total of two hours, from 10.15am to 12.15pm. This will include a workshop and a self-guided Gallery tour of the Children's Biennale

Date: 5 - 7 Nov (Tue - Thu)
Time: 10.15am to 12.15pm 
Price: $10 per student (Each session is limited to 30 students)
Venue: National Gallery Singapore

To book a programme, click here. Bookings close 13 September 2019

Counting Sheep by Pippa Chorley

Ages 5 - 6 | 45 mins | $10 per student

Jump! Leap! Bounce! Help a wobbly sheep get over a fence with Pippa Chorley as she reads from her debut children’s book Counting Sheep and enjoy simple craft activities.

About Pippa Chorley

Pippa Chorley grew up in a pretty village in England surrounded by sheep. Trained as a primary school teacher, she loves to write stories that make children giggle and think outside the box. Pippa now lives in Singapore with her husband and their very own flock. Counting Sheep is the first book in the Sam Series featuring a spunky and imaginative little girl called Sam. 

Date(s) Available for Booking

5 Nov (Tue), 6 Nov (Wed),7Nov (Thu)

Give Me a Name! by Ann Lek 给我一个名字!

Ages 5 - 6 |  45 mins | $10 per student

What happens when Xiajiao and Shaomai, siblings in the Little Dim Sum Warriors book series, create a character named Smelly Tofu? Find out with performer Ann Lek as she and retells this hilarious tale and guides participants in a craft activity based on the The Little Dim Sum Warriors book series  created by Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh.

This session is in Mandarin.



About Ann Lek

Ann Lek is an actress and singer who has had the privilege of being part of many professional productions in Singapore. Effectively bilingual, she is a bubbly and energetic performer who pours her heart and soul into telling stories and is represented by Pure Talents.

安夏天精通双语,曾参与多部优秀的专业舞台剧。她活泼、充满活力,能有效与各年龄层的观众进行互动交流。她也是Pure Talents旗下主持人。

Date(s) Available for Booking

5, (Tue), 6 Nov (Wed), 7 Nov (Thu)

Self Guided Tour: Gallery Children’s Biennale

Ages 5 - 6

National Gallery Singapore presents the second edition of Gallery Children’s Biennale. Experience a new dimension of creativity and open yourself up to wondrous surprises. Embrace a fantastic, magical world through 11 imaginative artwork installations. Admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs. Have fun composing your own tunes, braiding giant tresses, wandering beneath massive lanterns, popping into a dome, and more.