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For the June holidays, Singapore Writers Festival and Singapore Art Museum have put together a morning of fun-filled activities. Nurture a love for the environment in a workshop with Irish author and educator Evelyn Bookless and then engage your pre-schoolers in a journey through time with a tour of the exhibition Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time. 

This learning journey includes the following workshop and self-guided tour and will take a total of 2 hours.

Date 19 June (Tue) – 21 June (Thu) 
Time 10am – 12pm 
Price $10 per child
Venue SAM@8Q, 8 Queen Street 

This programme is suitable for K1 and K2 students. To register for the programme, please fill in the form found here.

The details of the workshop and the exhibition are as follows:

WORKSHOP by Evelyn Bookless | 45 min

Evelyn Bookless dreams of clean oceans and contented sea creatures and inspires children to think about how they can play a part in taking care of the planet. Join in the fun as she shares her story Captain Green and the Plastic Scene with your pre-schoolers and gets them to make their very own superhero watch out of ‘upcycled’ materials.



Evelyn Bookless grew up on a farm in Ireland. She is a nature lover, mum, teacher and writer. Saddened by the amount of plastic waste she saw in the ocean one day, she was inspired to write her first children’s book, Captain Green and the Plastic Scene. Evelyn has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for the past 10 years and loves Asia.



Beat the clock and enjoy a fun-filled travel at SAM’s Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time. Explore the artworks intuitively using the Exhibition Guide and the Preschool Educator’s Resource.



Singapore Art Museum welcomes you to Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time. This year’sImaginarium takes a closer look at the concept of time, and the tales and theories that shape our memories and futures. Mysterious yet imbued in every living being, time has fascinated humankind for ages. Join us as we discover what the fourth dimension means to different people and cultures. Through immersive and interactive artworks, we invite all time travellers who visit Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time to engage your senses and expand your horizons in this journey through time.

There are two workshop sessions every day and each session is limited to 35 students. 

To register for the programme, please fill in the form found here.

Best wishes,
The SWF Team