For the 2018 edition of Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), we are looking for a producer to present two programmes reflecting the spiritual aspects of the Festival’s theme of 界 / jiè. Meaning “borders” or “alternative realms”, it encompasses genres ranging from dark fantasy and magical realism to horror and supernatural.


The producer will curate, plan, programme, market and execute:



The activation of all programmable spaces in The Arts House for ONE weeknight, exploring the Festival theme in interesting and surprising cross-disciplinary ways. Please suggest title(s) for the Late-Night Programming.


1. The proposed date of the event is 8th November 2018 (Thursday).


2. The programmes should last from 7.30pm to midnight (latest). Individual programmes can be 7.30pm – 8.30pm, 9.00pm – 10.00pm and 10.30pm – 11.30pm. These are suggested time slots so please feel free to devise your own.


3. The formats are left to the discretion of the producer in consultation with SWF. In line with the Festival theme, priority will be given to unusual ways of presentation such as interactive drama, performances and multi-media, with a focus on the textual/literary origin.


4. Spaces in The Arts House should be utilised as much as possible, in order to give audiences an immersive/continual experience from room to room. Spaces must include The Chamber, Blue Room, Living Room, Gallery II, Play Den and Screening Room.


5. Programmes should take place concurrently, or overlap, in various rooms, so as to allow audiences options in accessing individual programmes according to their own preference. As a guide, SWF expects a minimum of 10 programmes of various lengths for the entire night, with a total of at least 1250 audience reach.



TWO literary tours which address the Festival Theme as spelled out above. Preference will be given to those who engage with Singaporean or Asian narratives.


1. The TWO tours can involve the same itinerary, or they can be totally different. The first tour should take place on the first SWF weekend (3rd or 4th November 2018) and the other on the second weekend (10th November 2018).


2. The maximum number of festival-goers for each tour to be set at 30 pax;


3. The timings of the tours and locations will be finalised by the producer, in consultation with the National Arts Council (NAC).





Late-Night Programming

a. Curate and recommend ONE night of programmes in consultation with SWF;


b. Produce and execute programmes with suggested titles;


c. Invite, confirm and manage invited participants in consultation with SWF;


d. Manage programme budget including payment to featured participants;


e. Acquire and manage all programming logistics (props, costumes, technical requirements and participants’ requests); NAC will take care of venue rental in The Arts House, along with the basic accompanying technical logistics (mics, projectors, lights);


f. Produce and design marketing collaterals and/or materials relating to this project (in consultation with SWF);


Literary tours


a. Curate and execute TWO tour itineraries;


b.  Invite, confirm and manage invited partners (in consultation with NAC);


c. Manage programme budget including payment to featured speakers;


d. Administer project including arrangement of tour logistics, transportation or application of necessary licenses (if any).



*Producer is required to submit an audited report together with accompanying receipts of the project one month after the event.


Please submit your proposal along with a budget breakdown to and by 2359hrs on 15th March 2018 (Thursday).