SWF Playground

SWF Playground brings programmes for children between the ages of 4 and 10 to you in the comfort of your homes. From story telling, to craft to workshops, we hope to inspire your little ones, spark their creativity and nurture a love for stories. 

Please visit these amazing online bookstores, Closetful of BooksWoods in the Books, and Books Kinokuniya  to purchase the books. 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the programmes!

SWF Playground is organised by the National Arts Council and is part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign.



Find Your Inner Ninja by Leila Boukarim and Barbara Moxham

Who’s that ninja at the park? Find out with Leila Boukarim and Barbara Moxham, the author and illustrator of Everyday Ninja, as they share the book’s delightful story and lead students in a movement-based activity to find their inner ninjas.

Recommended for ages 4 – 6. Visit go.gov.sg/swfplaygroundmaterials to download the images for the craft activity. 

About the Presenters

Leila Boukarim spends her time writing stories that inspire empathy and encourage meaningful discussions between children and caregivers.

Barbara Moxham is an illustrator of picture books, including two books for highly sensitive children.


Birds of a Feather with Roger Jenkins and Gophi Nathan

Let Roger Jenkins and Gophi Nathan take you on a wild journey with birds using English and Sign language. Together with characters including a parrot, a peacock and a crow, the duo will tell exciting stories for the whole family as well as share some very important values.

Recommended for ages 4 – 7.

About the Presenters

Roger Jenkins is a Singaporean storyteller. He is the founder of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival and a director of the Federation of Asian Storytellers.

Gophi Nathan is a mime artist of more than 20 years.


Where Ideas Come From with Don Bosco

Calling all budding writers! Get inspired with unusual ways to write original stories with author Don Bosco! Join him as he shares the writing process using examples from his published books. Download fun writing activities after watching the video and let your creative juices flow to write your own stories.

Recommended for ages 8 – 10. Visit go.gov.sg/swfplaygroundmaterials to download story writing tips, creative writing excercises and more. 

About the Author

Don Bosco is currently writing Last Kid Running, a gamebook series for young readers.


Illustration 101 with Darel Seow

Go on a journey to an imaginary place with Darel Seow. Pick up tips on how to illustrate then recount your trip through a drawing of your own imaginary holiday spot.

Recommended for ages 8 – 10.

About the Illustrator

Darel Seow is a visual storyteller who illustrates tales of the natural world with his unique brand of wry wit and whimsy.


Story Time with Rosemarie Somaiah

Join Aunty Rose as she takes you on a journey to India with stories of the clever and witty Tenali Raman.

Recommended for ages 7 – 9.

About the Presenter

Rosemarie Somaiah is a partner with the Asian Storytelling Network and has presented her work at festivals and conferences around the world as a writer, arts educator and storyteller.


Story Time with Abhi Krish

Join storyteller Abhi Krish in a session on movement and direction, filled with stories, songs and games. Pretend to be a frog swimming underwater or a goat who jumps over trees, discover the many ways to get home through a song and help Sikkal Sundari find out where her friend lives in a block with many colourful neighbours.

Recommended for ages 4 - 6. 
Visit go.gov.sg/swfplaygroundmaterials to download the Knock-Knock game. 

About the Presenter

Abhi is an upcoming Singaporean children’s author spinning bilingual, contemporary tales that draw inspiration from the Tamil language and literature.


அபி க்ரிஷுடன் கதைநேரம்

அசைவுகளையும் திசைகளையும் பற்றிய கதைகள், பாடல்கள், விளையாட்டுகள் நிறைந்த இந்த நிகழ்வில், கதைசொல்லி அபி க்ரிஷுடன் இணைந்திடுங்கள். இதில் தண்ணீருக்குள் நீந்தும் தவளையாகவும் மரங்களின் மேலே தாவும் ஆடாகவும் நீங்கள் உருமாறலாம். வீட்டுக்குச் செல்லும் பல வழிகளைப் பாடலில் கண்டுபிடிக்கலாம். சிக்கல் சுந்தரியின் தோழன் வசிக்கும் அடுக்குமாடிக் கட்டடத்தில் சுவாரசியமான அண்டைவீட்டுக்காரர்கள் உள்ளனராம். தோழனின் வீட்டைக் கண்டுபிடிக்க நீங்கள் சிக்கல் சுந்தரிக்கு உதவியும் செய்யலாம்.

This session is in Tamil. Recommended for ages 4 - 6. 
Visit go.gov.sg/swfplaygroundmaterials to download the Knock-Knock game.

அபி வளர்ந்து வரும் சிங்கப்பூர் சிறுவர் நூல் எழுத்தாளர். தமிழ் மொழி, இலக்கியக் கூறுகளை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்ட தற்கால இருமொழி நூல்களை அவர் எழுதிவருகிறார்.


Mari Bertemu Mini Mon

Teman-teman, tahukah anda bahawa siri Taman Mini yang disiarkan di saluran Suria telah diilhamkan dari buku Si Pencuri Ketawa (Siri Mini Mon) yang ditulis oleh Rilla Melati? Marilah sertai sesi bercerita bersama penulis dan personaliti TV ini! Rilla Melati akan berkongsi tentang kisah watak-watak comel yang tinggal di dalam Taman di Persisiran. Ikuti juga aktiviti-acktiviti seronok yang telah disediakan di akhir sesi bercerita ini!

Sesi ini akan dijalankan dalam Bahasa Melayu. Disyorkan until kanak-kanak berumur 4 - 6 tahun.

Rilla Melati membina kandungan kreatif untuk bilik darjah dan juga televisyen. Beliau adalah seorang pendidik, pengarang, pengusaha, penghibur dan perintis program pengucapan dan drama Melayu di sekolah-sekolah di Singapura.

Aktiviti - Aktiviti
https://tinyurl.com/tmmaze | https://tinyurl.com/tmdifference
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Meet The Mini Mons

Kids, did you know that the series Taman Mini on Suria was inspired by the book Mini Mons: The One Who Stole Laughter (Siri Mini Mon: Si Pencuri Ketawa) by Rilla Melati? Come join the author and TV personality as she tells the story of these adorable monsters who live in Gardens by the Bay then guides you through fun activities.

Recommended for ages 4 – 6.

About the Author

Rilla Melati builds creative content for the classroom and television. She is an educator, author, entrepreneur and entertainer, and a pioneer of Malay speech and drama programmes in schools in Singapore.


https://tinyurl.com/tmmazeENG | https://tinyurl.com/tmdifferenceENG 
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Sam needs to solve her stuffed toys’ squabbles, but what can she do? Author Pippa Chorley will share from her book Stuffed and guide children through making their own playdough pig.

Recommended for ages 4 – 6.

About the Presenter

Pippa Chorley trained as a primary school teacher before writing for children. She lives in Singapore with her flock.