SWF Kaypohs

In this light-hearted weekly series of meet-the-author interviews, we check in with some of your favourite Singaporean writers and artists! Get ready for an insider’s scoop as SWF puts writers on the hot seat to ask them some pretty interesting questions about themselves.

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SWF Kaypoh is organised by the National Arts Council and is part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign.



30 Questions with Cyril Wong

What superhero power does Cyril Wong wish he had? Will he ever get his hair cut? Cyril Wong answers 30 (possibly more) rapid-fire questions.

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Cyril Wong is a poet and fictionist in Singapore whose latest book is This Side of Heaven by Epigram Books.


Gurmit Singh Answers Your Burning Questions

Gurmit Singh speaks with SWF Festival Director Pooja Nansi in this live Q&A.

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Gurmit Singh is a celebrated television and film actor, and author of What Was I Thinking?, an autobiography.


Kenny Leck Answers your Assumptions

Is Kenny the original gangster bookseller? Does he wear the same clothes everyday? Kenny Leck sits down to answers some of your assumptions about him.

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Kenny Leck is the co-founder of BooksActually, an independent literary bookstore. He also helms the publishing imprint Math Paper Press.


Catch this video from 22 July!

Who's More Likely To with AJ Low

Who's more likely to be a drama queen, or eavesdrop on a conversation? This week, husband-and-wife duo behind the Sherlock Sam series, AJ Low, plays a game of Who's More Likely To.


Felicia Low-Jimenez co-writes the Sherlock Sam children’s books, and is the head of Difference Engine, an independent comics publisher.

Adan Jimenez co-writes the Sherlock Sam children’s books, and edits and reviews video games.


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How Well Do You Know Each Other with Amanda Chong and Daryl Qilin Yam

Literary baes Amanda Chong and Daryl Qilin Yam plays a game of How Well Do You Know Each Other. Find out who won, and who ended up reading juvenilia from their younger days.


Amanda Chong’s first collection, Professions (2016), was shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize 2018. She is a lawyer who has trained at Cambridge and Harvard.

Daryl Qilin Yam is a writer, editor, and arts organiser. He is currently working on his second novel.


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30 Questions with Arianna Pozzuoli

Arianna Pozzuoli answers 30 (or more) superbly random questions.


Arianna Pozzuoli is an educator, author, performer, and poet.


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Who's Better At with Farihan Bahron and Noridah Kamari

Who's better at keeping secrets? Who would win at an argument? This week, we invited Farihan Bahron and Noridah Kamari to play a game of Who's Better At.


Farihan Bahron is the creative director and co-founder of the publishing outfit Unggun Creative.

Noridah Kamari is a writer and scholar of Malay literature.


Catch this video from 19 August!

Amanda Lee Koe Answers Your Burning Questions

Is Amanda a romantic or a cynic? Does she believe in natal chart astrology? Amanda Lee Koe answers some of your burning questions.


Amanda Lee Koe won the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize for her first story collection Ministry Of Moral Panic (Epigram Books). Her debut novel, Delayed Rays of A Star (Doubleday), was one of NPR's Best Books of 2019 in the U.S., and a #1 Straits Times bestseller in Singapore.