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Words Go Round will be back 2 - 14 March 2015!

About WGR

The Singapore Writers Festival jumps right into the school year with Words Go Round 2014! One of the few literary festivals in the world that is multilingual, focusing on the official languages of Singapore – English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil – the Festival brings literary talents from Singapore and around the world to share their ideas, stories and lives, with you. As part of our year-round activities leading up to the main Festival (to be held in November 2014), Words Go Round brings writers into schools to meet and interact with students and teachers. Encompassing enriching talks and workshops by Singaporean and overseas writers, Words Go Round is a great chance for students and teachers to delve into the world of literature outside of the school curriculum. For the first time, we are also extending our WGR programmes to pre-primary students!
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